Co-Parenting Classes

Separation or divorce brings with it a high amount of stress, conflict, and potential for emotional harm. When children are involved, this makes creating a happy post-divorce future that much more difficult. As parents, you need to ensure that your child is saved from unnecessary conflict and mental or emotional stress that can negatively impact their lives.

That’s what our co-parenting classes are here to achieve: to teach you the essential parenting and self-care skills and strategies necessary to secure a happier future for you and your children.

What is a Co-Parenting Class?

Our expert co-parenting classes are available to any parent wishing to learn the essential knowledge and skills necessary to give their children the best future following a separation or divorce. Our Parent Education Program is aimed at providing parents with all the tools they need to successfully raise their children in a brighter present and future. Many states require a co-parenting class in order to finalize a divorce, and our Parent Education Program fulfills many of these requirements!

Do Co-Parenting Classes Need to Be Taken by Both Parents Together?

These classes are available to any parent who wishes to use them. You don’t have to take the class side-by-side with an ex-partner if you would rather take the class alone. You also have the option of only one parent taking the classes, although both of you doing so is ideal.

How does this relate to a parallel parenting situation? You may not want to directly take the classes with an ex and prefer to keep your interactions with them to a minimum. In that case, taking the class alone may be your preferred option. The decision is entirely yours.

Protect Your Children from Needless Emotional Harm

These co-parenting classes are built to equip you with the skills and strategies that will empower you to protect your children from the emotional harm that comes from the parental conflict of a divorce or separation. Our courses are here to teach you the knowledge necessary to achieve the goal of a functional, happy reconfigured family with two healthy homes. 

Two Healthy Homes Parent Education Program

Get lifetime, on-the-go access to our signature 3-session class.

Receive a Certificate of Completion that fulfills most court-ordered co-parenting class requirements

Key Areas of Focus for a Happier, Healthier Future

The availability of our classes online means that one (or both) parents can easily sign up, and participate in the classes, from anywhere at any time. Online classes mean a more flexible schedule for your curriculum, as well as easier access to expert advice and support from our online parenting tools when you need it most.

Two Healthy Homes | Co-Parenting Classes

Our co-parenting classes and tools have several areas of focus. These are:

  • Understanding the impact of conflict on children during a separation or divorce
  • Learning how to best manage emotion during this difficult time, both for children and parents
  • Developing and building healthy communication techniques so that parents can interact as business partners rather than struggling to communicate due to high levels of conflict
  • Teaching conflict resolution skills to overcome barriers to communication that will foster a healthier co-parenting relationship

Two Healthy Homes
Parent Education Program

This is our signature co-parenting class. Designed as a three-hour online training,  it focuses on three main goals. These are:

  1.  Supporting you in understanding your central role in how your children will cope with the family break-up. 
  2. Providing you with the knowledge necessary to understand your child’s normal coping responses and how to identify when their responses become more problematic and require extra care and professional help.
  3. Ensuring you have the tools necessary to avoid the most common co-parenting mistakes, which are also the most damaging. This is key, as many parents don’t intentionally make these mistakes and may not even realize they are making them.

Certificates of Completion are available.

Lifetime Access to a Leading Expert in Child Centered Divorce

Dr. Ellis has created all of our co-parenting classes based on her unique perspective as an experienced and highly respected child psychologist. She is also a skilled Collaborative Divorce facilitator and has personal experience as a child of divorce herself.

Her combined knowledge and first-hand experience puts her in the unique position as the rare co-parenting teacher who is proficient in child development, understands the legal intricacies of the divorce process, and has extensive clinical expertise about the emotional toll that divorce can take on children.

Dr. Ellis fully understands all aspects of the divorce process and can speak not only from her professional knowledge but from the perspective of a child who has lived through her parents’ contentious divorce.